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Investment Services in EU & Croatia


  • Company foundings
  • Complete management of a business start-up, establishment of a location in Croatia / EU
  • Purchase/construction of real estate Pursuit and settlement of proceedings and all related support
  • Complete follow-up and support service in the above studies; Support for funding applications, accounting, authorities
  • Establishment of a sales and marketing network in the EU (Germany / Austria / Switzerland) - and networking with partners from all industries
  • Direct local addressee (contact /institution)
  • Mediation and counselling services
  • General market and/or product research studies


    New construction projects such as a new villa or apartments in Croatia
    A brief summary of this turnkey process:
    • Company founding
    • Purchase pre-contract of the property
    • Purchase contract of the land
    • Order to construction company
    • Contract to construction experts
    • Maintenance of the building
    • Sale or rental of the property


  • Access to the EU market
  • Start-up of a company in the EU
  • Investment, sales and marketing in the EU
  • The advantages of the Croatia location:
    • Subsidies in agriculture - high fixed annual subsidies, around 70% (50-100%) for investments with EU funding plus annual grants of approx. EUR 1,000.-/ha
    • Advantageous in terms of taxes, lower labour costs, lower cost of living
    • Proximity to the main Central European consumer markets and consumers in the EU market
    • The construction of a new house Croatia offers the advantage of saving 25% VAT
    • You can invest and do business in Croatia without having to live there – with EU-tax number and bank account in the EU
    • Location on the coast of Croatia - healthy and pleasant climate